Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I owe ya'll one from Saturday, so today's a twofer. I think I'm going to keep Snake around; his nickname is actually short for "Snake-Eyes" and, like most of my characters, he's probably in for a series of achronological unfortunate events. I need a recurring hapless thug.


“I, uh, wanna start an account,” said Snake. He put a paper bag on the counter.

The cashier opened the bag; a scent of sap and loam wafted out. “Where did you get this money, sir?”

“Found it. No law against that.” Snake jutted his chin out truculently.

“This is tree money,” said the cashier. “Did you find it on a tree?”

“Might’ve done,” said Snake. “Look, I just want an account, lady. What do I gotta do?”

“Well, if you’re using tree money,” said the cashier, retrieving the corer from under the counter, “we’ll have to verify your age.”


Loren Eaton said...

Love that ending! Nasty ...

Scattercat said...

I know! Those cashiers can be so uptight about their stupid rules. So rude!