Saturday, May 1, 2010

Boulder and Braver

It's the first of the month again! How time flies...

Mirrorshards has something like a reader base now, which is pretty cool, even if most of ya'll are pretty quiet. For those folks who haven't been reading this since it started (Hi, honey!), on the first day of each month I trot out the general favorite of my slim cast of recurring characters (defined as anyone who's shown up in at least three non-consecutive flitterfics): The Wisest Stone and his friend/acolyte, Taku. If I could, I'd write about the Wisest Stone every day, so I limit him to once a month on the grounds that anything I like that much is probably annoying.

If you click on the "Wisest Stone" tag, you'll see all 15 or so of the previous stories. Thanks for reading, guys! See you next month.


When the would-be bandits had fled, Taku hefted one of the fallen scimitars. “I wonder each time if I will forget my lessons, if this time I will feel the bite of their blades.”

“You are courageous, friend Taku,” said the Wisest Stone.

Taku shrugged. “I learned from you, how you are so fearless in the face of danger.”

“What danger could such men pose to me?” said the Wisest Stone. “I am a rock, and they are only humans. No, it is not courage to be what you are. It is brave to be what you strive for instead.”


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I love the Wisest Stone. I want one for my very own.