Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Outside, an Ominous Shadow Descending

"Mom! Mom! You won't believe this, me and Joey were down at the creek and-"

"Mikey, what have I told you? 'Joey and I were down at the creek.' Subjects use the subjective case."

"But Mom that stuff's not important right now! You gotta-"

"Not important? Without proper grammar, how would we communicate effectively? If we let the rules slide, then soon no one will know what anyone is talking about. You'd need a dictionary and a phrasebook just to talk to your neighbor."

"Mom, it's literally the end of the world-"

"Don't use 'literally' figuratively, Mikey."

"Mom... I'm not..."


Anonymous said...


Donna Hole said...

My kids could relate to this.

I probably did as a kid too.


WV: minti. Wonder if that's what flavor the aliens thought of as they consumed the humans.

Loren Eaton said...

Perhaps there is a plus to being a grammar nazi: They'll be the last to know what the eldritch horrors arise from the watery depths.