Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Nature of Wisdom

The first of the month is here! Time for the Wisest Stone to reveal more insights from his eons of collected bon mots.


The pilgrims had traveled many miles. They laid down offerings of fruit and wine, and sang songs of praise.

“Will you not go out to them?” asked Taku.

The Wisest Stone sulked by the fireplace. “They are fools.”

“How can you know unless you speak to them?”

“A wise man wears fur at the antipodes, but that wisdom is foolishness in the desert. Wisdom learns where it finds itself. I know they are fools because they have come so far to question me.”

“I have sometimes wondered,” Taku said, “why any wise man would seek your advice, o my friend.”


Donna Hole said...

I like Taku. He is wise.


Scattercat said...

That's really one of the meta-themes of the Wisest Stone stories; Taku learns the best lessons he can from a perhaps less-than-optimal teacher. ;-)