Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Their Stock is Down, but They Simply Refuse to Lay Down and Die

Edwards gestured at the screen with his laser pointer. “Rrruhhn,” he said.

“Mmrrrhhhnnrrr,” the room murmured in agreement, heads nodding. Jacobson’s lower jaw fell off, but he didn’t notice.

“Sir, that plan will end up in the red, too. It’s just shifting the day of reckoning a few years,” Thomason said, with the air of a man who knows he is tilting at a windmill.

“Nuurrhhhrrnn,” said Edwards.

Thomason shook his head as everyone shuffled out of the meeting room. “Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one with a functioning brain,” he said.

“Mmmrrraaains?” said Jacobson, perking up slightly.

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