Friday, March 26, 2010

Prompt: A Meeting of Aardvarks Anonymous

Inspired by a prompt from Lanse.


Joey shuffled toward the card table with the rest of the group. He had to take his claws off to hold his glass of punch.

“I like your suit,” said Glyssa. Her snout was pushed up to her forehead, making her look like a unicorn.

“Thanks,” said Joey.

“Here, try some of these.” Glyssa pushed something into his hands.

“Earth-pigs do not eat candy.” The words were out before he could stop them. Joey blushed, but Glyssa ignored his outburst.

“It’s chocolate-covered ants,” Glyssa said.

“Really?” He bit into the square. Crunchy. “That’s cheating, isn’t it?” He paused. “Good, though.”


Donna Hole said...

LOL. But whats a little cheating among your fellows.


Scattercat said...

The important thing is subsisting on ants as much as possible, just like the noble aardvark itself.