Friday, March 26, 2010

Prompt: Bloodshot Eyes, Sporting Purple Stitches

Inspired by a prompt from Deb Markanton.


Frank lost his head on the last play. The offensive tackle let the opposing team through for a vicious sacking. Now his teammates gathered around while Frank glared up at them, bloodshot eyes stark against greenish skin. In the background, his body – still nearly seven feet tall – blundered into the goalposts.

“Just pick me up!” Frank’s head snapped.

The other players glanced at each other.

“At least bring the rest of me over here.”

There was a creaking sound. Frank’s body had its hands around the goalpost. The metal was slowly crumpling under the steady pressure.

“Pussies,” said Frank’s head.


Deb Markanton said...

LOL! This is great!! Frank...can't keep a good man down.
Congrats on your milestone of words. And thanks for sharing your talent with our random prompts.

Scattercat said...

This one was one of the hardest to do, oddly. Mostly because "bloodshot" and "purple" got me thinking of a cartoon Frankenstein in green and purple tones, and then "sporting" put him into a football helmet in my head, and I couldn't see how to get much of anything done. I ended up just going with all of it.

Deb Markanton said...

Wow, really? See, I thought this would be too easy for you...not that I was trying to be difficult or anything!

Donna Hole said...


Your mind takes some freaky turns Nate, but I'm getting lots of benificial entertainment.

Thanks for rising to your own challenge so splendidly. I enjoyed them all equally.


Scattercat said...


Took me nearly an hour and a half of pondering to figure out the right approach. I mean, not straight pondering, but just looking for the best angle to get a grip on it. Like moving a couch.


As more and more time passes, I am discovering how few minds work the way mine seems to. It's a little depressing. Thank God I found Angela, is all I can say.