Monday, March 15, 2010

Posting schedule update.

I'm going to drop my posting rate to six per week and have Sundays as my day of rest. Right now, I work four days per week, twelve hours per day, and I'm usually just exhausted on Sunday and spend most of the day burnt out and sleeping. After several weeks of consistently falling behind due to missing Sundays, I have decided to make it official and stop constantly playing catch-up. It's no good rushing and being stressed; all that does is produce mediocre stories.

You all have my apologies. I expect neither an outburst of anger at my betrayal nor a storm of sycophantic sympathies, as my audience has been almost uniformly polite and constructive in their feedback. (Frankly, my audience is also small enough to be a single D&D party, but that's beside the point.)

Nothing else will change, and this is in no way indicative of an impending end to Mirrorshards. If my schedule ever adjusts to match my bizarre circadian rhythms again and I cease crashing at the end of every work week, I intend to resume full-time daily posting.

Now you can all argue about which of you is the meatshield and who has to play the Cleric.

Nathaniel Lee


Loren Eaton said...

Yeah, I'm definitely a meatshield ...

Scattercat said...

Man, we're in trouble if no one plays the cleric. I'll have to give you an NPC healer or something.

Mark said...

Can I be a paladin? Will that help?

Scattercat said...

Yeah, your 12 HP of Lay on Hands per day will be real helpful. *snort snort snork*.

Well, two heavies can make it if they stock up on healing potions, I guess. Maybe we should go 4E so you guys get some healing surges at least.