Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Most Dangerous Grain

He twisted the cap off the milk carton and hesitated. This was the most hazardous part. No way to tell where was safe. Today he poured from the left. The cereal crackled as the milk hit it. He cringed. Nothing.

He relaxed and picked up his spoon. It was only after the first bite sent tingling numbness shooting down his neck and shoulder that he realized his error.

He scrabbled for the med-kit, but he was already losing motor function. The box wavered before him, his vision narrowing. The brightly-colored letters taunted him: “You never know when you’ll find it!”


Donna Hole said...

creepy; interesting.


Scattercat said...

And all because of several ridiculous puns.

("Cereal killer," if you must know.)