Friday, February 26, 2010

Echo and Narcissus



“My name is Chet!”

Chet… chet… et…

Chet scrambled back toward the small cave in the cliff-side. “You gotta try this, Drac. It’s awesome.”

Dracula fiddled with a carabiner and didn’t meet Chet’s eyes. “I cannot,” he said at last.

“What? C’mon, dude; you climbed up here. I know you’re not chicken.”

“No. I am not able. It is… it is like the mirrors. I have no soul. I have no reflection, for there is nothing to come back to me. There is only me.”

“Oh,” said Chet. “So what is it that’s calling me from out there?”


Scattercat said...

This one took even me a while to find. For reference:

Donna Hole said...

That was an interesting take on an old vampire. I liked the concept.


Jim Murdoch said...

Nice punch line. Jealous much.

Scattercat said...

Well, it's less about Dracula-qua-Dracula and more the fact that Dracula is instantly recognizable as a traditional vampire. And is also slightly silly at this point.

@Jim - Yeah, this is definitely a punchline story. I have mixed feelings about punchlines, but sometimes they get the job done.