Saturday, February 27, 2010

Don't Give Your Heart Away

"Your one-month anniversary present," said Boudy.

"A card?" Anastasia's lip curled.

"Open it."

The logo inside was unfamiliar: a knife piercing a red heart. "Congratulations," the card read, "on your new immortality."

Anastasia raised a sculpted brow.

"I wanted to do something special," said Boudy in a rush. "It's quantum, I think. You'll never be hurt again. Go on; try it."

Anastasia experimentally pressed a fork against her hand. Boudy's flesh dimpled. She pressed harder, and drops of blood appeared on Boudy's hand. Anastasia smiled into Boudy's watering eyes.

She slammed her hand onto the stovetop and listened to Boudy's screams.


Loren Eaton said...

Dude, she doesn't return your phone calls. She won't hold your hand in public. Giving her vicarious control of your body is just asking for it.

Scattercat said...

The first thing human beings do with any new technology is try to use it to look at porn. The second thing is trying to hurt other people with it.