Monday, November 2, 2009

The VCR in Heaven

“Home movie time!” cried God. He was lugging the old cardboard box of VHS cassettes up from the basement.

The cherubim and seraphim on the couch nodded, their grins fixed.

God knelt by the television. “Has someone tampered with this?” He asked. “It’s blinking twelve again.”

“We had that power outage,” volunteered a cherubim. “It probably reset.”

“Hmph,” said God. “It better not eat my tapes. I lost the one of the birth, you know.”

The angelic crowd knew. None of them would admit it. It was perhaps the only decent thing the Lightbringer had done for his fellow angels.


Deb Markanton said...

Okay, I love this one too!
And, just to let you know, I seem to be the follower fairy. Everyone that I start following ends up surpassing ME in the follower status. Don't know why this happens but...
Maybe this is my purpose in life.
I'm doing NaNo too, just to torture myself.

Scattercat said...

NaNo is good times. It's easier when you don't forget your stupid files on the stupid home computer which you won't get back to for two stupid weeks.

(I'm having my Mom e-mail them when she comes in to feed the cats. And then I'm extending my NaNoWriMo two extra days. Because I CAN.)

Still got a ways to go to even catch up to your blog, apparently. But hey, the more the merrier.