Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Voices on the Wind

She walked in darkness, her white dress rustling in the directionless wind. “I have come,” she said.

“Yes,” said the wind.

“Each time before, you have prevented me and sought to devour me. I have always escaped.”

“Yes.” There was a shifting in the darkness, a hint of form, black on black.

“Now my people are in danger. I must succeed.” She stepped forward, her back proud and straight.

“You may pass without harm.”

She hesitated. “Why?”

The shadows looked on her without a face. “We consumed a saint, once. We understand virtue, even if we do not practice it.”


Jim Murdoch said...

Now here I thought you were going to say: “We consumed a saint, once and didn't like the taste of him," or something of that ilk.

Scattercat said...

This is one of the 'fics I think of as "bookmarks." That is, ideas that I think could become a full story but that I don't have time or inclination to write just yet. Something started me thinking about composite beings and parallel processing and internal conflict and those monsters that show up every now and then who eat minds/souls. It's all very inchoate right now, but if I have it in my blog history, I can find it when I go browsing and looking for ideas again. (Autocannibalism is fun!)

Your line is probably better for the purposes of this little one-shot, though. >;-)