Saturday, September 12, 2009


With thanks to the emergency assistance of your friend and mine, Spielorjh


The barroom went dark. Sam the piano player stopped cold. Black Bart and Mauve Bart paused their card game.

The floor creaked under enormous metal feet as, with a hydraulic whirring, the Deputizer-7800 entered. “CITIZEN - MAUVE BART - YOU ARE UNDER ARREST FOR THE FOLLOWING CRIMES: ASSAULT. THEFT. JAYWALKING.”

“Like hell!” Mauve Bart leapt to his feet, hand going for his holster.

The magazines spun behind twin barrels, filling the saloon with noise and shrapnel. The remnants of Mauve Bart dripped to the floor.

The Deputizer tipped its automated hat. “GOOD DAY CITIZENS,” it shrilled as it lumbered away.


Loren Eaton said...

Steampunk western! Yay! Also, poor Mauve Bart. What a color to be named after.

Scattercat said...

You'd think he'd have gotten more points at character creation for taking the flaw "Mauve."