Thursday, September 24, 2009

Structural Integrity

The earthquakes had been increasing in intensity. The expedition team had returned, breathless and secretive, bundled away to the hidden base before the press could get more than a word or two out of them.

“Well?” growled the Commander. “What’s the situation down there? Is the source in the mantle?”

“I think we can say that we have, indeed, pinpointed the source,” said the lead scientist, who’d spoken with the expedition team. He was pale. “However, ’mantle’ may not be the most accurate term to use anymore.”

“What word should we use, then?”

“I think ‘yolk’ might be more appropriate.”


Thrornir said...

Heh, I like this one. Rather ominous and unavoidable end of the world if a creature decides to crack the shell, as it were.

Scattercat said...

Another of the anonymous masses speaks! Huzzah! We're very friendly here at Mirrorshards, I promise. Probably too friendly. (That's the royal we, since last time I checked, there's no one else in my chair with me.) Out of curiosity, where did you wander in from? (I have noticed I get an unusual number of Google hits from "Blasted Land," which is apparently a WoW thing of which I was unaware when I named that particular piece.)

I wish they could all be this easy; the "punchline" stories all come pretty much full-formed and rarely take much padding or trimming. It's the cool image stories that are the hardest.

(Okay, and the Wisest Stone's punchlines sometimes take a lot of work, because he has a very specific voice which can be hard to arrange in a neat 100-word package.)

Fritz said...

I hadn't realized that Wisest Stone was a serial character; I just searched and found the entries. Nice voice.