Monday, September 7, 2009

Piano Man

Twofer today 'cause I missed yesterday due to commuting and sleep. Maybe one of these weeks I'll give myself a day of rest, but I haven't run out of ideas yet.


Calliope took a step onto the gleaming ivory stair. It sank beneath her feet, chiming gently.

“C,” she said. “Sounds a little flat, though.”

“That’s good,” said Periwinkle, hovering beside her. “You don’t want to hear a sharp note. Not here in His Lordship’s tower.”

“Why not?” asked Calliope, curious but trusting. She checked the walls. According to the key, E was the next flat note. She stretched her legs to reach it.

“Metaphors have teeth.”

“What happens when we get to the top of the scale?”

Periwinkle shimmered green for a moment, wings beating. “The hammers,” she said faintly.

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