Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Distant Light of a Rising Star

Internet putzed out on me yesterday, so here's the followup, with today's shortly afterward. I know my previous lunges toward continuity have rarely met with success, but for some reason I was really struck with several images after the first "Rising Star." (And I still haven't managed to work the original idea into a flitterfic yet.)


The advertisements were the worst part. “Our prices haven't changed in thousands of years!” one ad boasted. “Everybody wants some,” crooned another. “So quick, so easy!” announced a third.

Onsler stalked through the streets, hands stuffed into his overcoat pockets. Gremlin clung to his shoulder, oohing and aahing at the colorful posters, tugging on Onsler's ear to point out especially attractive ones. Onsler could feel the tiny demon's presence in his soul. The ads promised the world, but in the end, you got what you paid for. He shot a glance at Gremlin. Meager soul; meager demon.


fahlain said...

Stumbled onto this through accident-love the ideas, and love this little tidbit the best. The last line drives it home. Just thought I'd let you know that with so few words, you can make a helluva portrait appear.

Scattercat said...

Thanks! The whole goal is to practice painting as complete a picture with as few brushstrokes as possible.

BTW, it's mirrored on my own Livejournal, if you wanted a non-RSS way to follow it. (Though I don't get the little ego-boost Google Analytics hits off of Livejournal.) Mind if I ask what the "accident" was? I'm curious how some people find this thing, especially given the almost-nil reaction from my lackluster efforts to promote it. (It's hard to be a blogger who can't metablog about other blogs and thus score return-favor hits. :-P )

fahlain said...

Ah, my "accident" was through Critters, actually. I always love writing about tiny ideas in order to try to get a big (and usually strange) picture, and you had posted your blog on Critters. I follow links. It's a strange addiction I have.

I always forget to use my LJ account. I'm trying very hard to start posting there as therapy, but I usually forget. I suppose the effort counts.