Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Philosophies of Life

“My existence is precarious,” said the see-saw. “I am now of one mind, now of another; I never achieve perfect balance, for always there are pressures on either side driving me.”

“I am lowly,” said the swing. “I hover at the bottom, yearning for the heights; reaching ever upward, but always settling to my lowest ebb; I return, no matter how greatly I strive.”

“There is no compromise,” said the slide. “One direction and one alone. They try to defy me, always, and always I send them tumbling backwards. Skinned knees upon them all!”

“I’m a pigeon,” said the pigeon.


Jim Murdoch said...

Very nice piece but the punchline was just perfect.

Scattercat said...

Heh. Thanks. The nameless pigeon has made appearances before. He's not quite the Wisest Stone, but he's got his own approach to things that I rather like.