Monday, April 13, 2009

Robbing the Liquor Store


Draknar considered the bottle in his mailed fist. “Nope. Let’s try that one.” He pointed the dread sword Soulspike at the whiskey section.

Scratnik clambered up the shelves. “This one, master?”

“Yes. Fetch it here.” Draknar shifted, sending empty bottles tumbling down from the pile. Outside, red and blue lights drew near, causing the Fellsteed to snort nervous flames.


“Silence! I wish to experience drunken revelry. My spells tell me this is how it’s done.”

“But Master…”

There was a gurgle as Draknar drained the bottle. He tossed it aside and smacked his lips. “Bah. Perhaps… that one.”


*e said...

if you google "scratnik" your blog is the only entry that pops up. isn't that exciting?

Scattercat said...

I think I'm the only hit for "Book of Yrt," too. Hooray for nonsense words!

Now if only I can find a word that is used nowhere else on the Internet but which gets into Google search strings all the time...

*e said...

mispell a common word... like how shady people buy domains that are close to popular websites but off by like a letter (or like vice .gov). you'd pop up just underneath googles "Did you mean:" correcting your terrible spelling. but maybe, just maybe, you'd get lucky and someone would hit the "i'm feeling lucky" for their typo and BADABING! find themselves looking at your blog