Monday, April 6, 2009

Ordering Out

Chet’s brow wrinkled as he consulted the paper. Most of the items had been scratched off the list. “Okay, so pepperoni is a definite. And mushrooms.”

“And blood!”

“I still think we should have a veggie pizza.” Darlene was starting to get her martyred look.

“Sure, whatever.” Chet jotted a few more notes. “We’ll do one veggie and one pepperoni.”

“And blood!”

“Dammit, Drac, no one else wants your stupid weird foreign toppings!” Chet rolled his eyes. “You can’t even eat more than a slice without breaking out from all the garlic.”

Dracula frowned, momentarily crestfallen. “Fine, then. Half blood.”


Anonymous said...

i like the ones best that are a weird quirky twist to a familar character. i like dracular ordering pizza and the mordred "that's what she said" to arthur

Scattercat said...

Hey, comments! We don't get those so often...

Anyway, I try to avoid leaning too heavily on established characters, since it's a bit of a crutch. It's a lot easier to convey a story in 100 words if I can use just one or two words to tap into a whole host of ideas and concepts and narrative. It feels all cheatyfaced.

Not that I won't do this, mind; I just try not to do it too often. (Also, there's only so much subtlety one can cram into a hundred words, and I feel guilty when I rely on the old "LOL INVERTED STEREOTYPE" meme.