Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Pet

“It looks like it’s his kidneys again,” said Dr. Brewster. “Mr. Whiskers can’t take another operation, I don’t think. It may be time…”

My eyes welled up with tears. “But-“

“I know,” the veterinarian sighed, “but he’s in a lot of pain.” He paused. “Have you considered the Wasserman Process?”

“I’ve thought about it…” I hesitated.

“Expensive, I know. Still, I’ve had good results. Even Rags had it done; I’ll show you.” He whistled. “Here, boy!”

Rags clattered around the corner. I laid my hand on the slick metal of his new body, feeling the heat of his fusion-powered core...


Angelo Pampalone said...
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Kalak_of_Tyr said...

Nice transhuman tale