Friday, March 6, 2009

Blue Screen of DOOM

Commander Zytyx sneered. “Your spirit is touching, Prince Aldus, but it will avail you nothing… save your doom!” He flung out an arm. The bay doors opened, revealing the Galactic Nebulizer.

“No! The plans… it was unfinished!”

Zytyx laughed. “Fool! Now watch as I obliterate your puny planet!” He snapped his fingers. There was a thrumming sound. It built to a climax… and stopped.


“Er, ‘unhandled exception 000035,’ sir.”

“Run it again!”

The console beeped.

“Do we want to send an error report?”

“No! Open up the ‘Options’ tab, fool!”

“Try rebooting,” Prince Aldus put in. “That usually helps.”