Monday, January 19, 2009

Willing Disbelief

“Away!” she shrieked, her hands like claws, her illusions of beauty scattered and torn. She fled to the darkest corner, sweeping into the suddenly visible rafters. The musty, pungent scent of the house was clear now, only a lingering undercurrent of flowers and fruit remaining.

He stepped forward, the floor creaking. The small atomizer rested on the table. He lifted it, let the light play on the fluid within.

She hissed from above, covering her withered face. “You have seen the lies. Begone!”

He looked up to her, smiling. “I would rather be fooled.” He opened the bottle and inhaled.


Had an Internet outage when we arrived home last night, hence the lateness of the previous fic (which should have been yesterday's.) Also, some strange news:

Full disclosure:
Some dude hawking a beauty product called Ageless Fantasy randomly e-mailed me. My site had popped up in his Google Alert because it's labeled as "fantasy" and I'd finally used the word "ageless" in a story. He wanted me to write about his perfume, which supposedly makes you "smell young."

I told him that we have five readers, maybe one or two of whom I don't know personally. On the flip side, I found the idea of a perfume which could keep you young forever to be an intriguing idea. Thus, this fic.

Hooray for the bizarrely interconnected world of the future!


r2d2y said...


r2d2y said...

i had hours and hours over this randomly empty Monday, so i wrote this... i do think it's exactly 100 words, although i did switch some around since the last time i put it in Word so i'm not sure...

Red Candles

They dripped from the ceiling and clung to every surface like unnatural red stalagmites, imperceptibly sinking instead of growing, and all within their eerie glow seemed unreal.

They had been there since ancient times, undisturbed as they traveled to their seemingly far-away deaths, but now the candles were nearing their end, their wicks almost burned out. The caves looked on as they began winking out, until, finally, the last one flickered to its death, and impenetrable darkness fell again.

The cave sighed and began to muster up a phosphorescent glow. After all, the Heroes had to be able to see.

r2d2y said...

my last word veri was pread... like preread, only lazier. actually i have no clue if that's actually a word, but if it isn't, it oughta be!

u kno, this new setup is really messing with my need to write the funny word veris in the posts.

...ok, ur not going to beleive this (i hadta x outa the word veri box to tell u this but it's worth it).... my word veri was quest. straight up, not even spelled weird. it's like the muse of the computer is trying to tell me something.

Scattercat said...

The red candles remind me inextricably of Morrowind and the endless candles that filled every building and cave. I spent one game file carefully stealing every candle I could and putting them all into one room of one particular mansion. By the end of it, my computer groaned with the effort of rendering that one room and the hundreds of separate objects inside it...

And I'm fairly certain the word verification process uses online dictionaries to grab pieces of words in order to get its "random" letters; I've seen too many that were partial words or portmanteaus to be coincidental.

Hiddenrat said...

hey scattercat, thy stories are as good as the perfume itself. ya, for me too this ageless fantasy perfume is quite new, but this is cool buddy. kinda intresting stuff we can say.

Willie88 said...

He looked up to her, smiling. “I would rather be fooled.” He opened the bottle and inhaled - a wonderful moment of love brings charm and warmth to life. Is that only because of Ageless Fantasy Perfume?

Scattercat said...

I have no idea. I've never smelled it, and it would probably make me sneeze. Most perfumes do; I would not be sad if I woke up tomorrow in a world completely bereft of perfume and cologne.

Magical youth and immortality, however, are right up my alley.

Marlena Ivonne said...

O' it would be no problem, if u wake up to a world of no-perfume???? U know, researchers say people even prefer to die if they loss sense of smell!!!
Perhaps I m one of those mad guys. There must be something specific about ageless and I love to inhale it at least once.

Scattercat said...

Can't smell anything most of the time anyway. :-) I'm allergic to darn near everything; I can't even use scented underarm deodorant unless I want to make myself sneeze all day.

Sucks to my assmar, as Golding might have put it.