Thursday, January 1, 2009


Frank watched the body writhe on the floor, flesh twisting and reshaping before his eyes. "It's horrible," he murmured.

"Still, it's the only way," said May, behind him. "'Suffer not a witch to live.' He was an abomination."

"It's... how he reacted to the silver. It was like chemicals. Acid. He... burned."

"It's a very painful death," May said. She rested a hand lightly on Frank's shoulder. "He was... your friend, wasn't he?"


"I'm sorry."

"How did you know?" Frank asked. "I'd never suspected-"

"No," May gurgled, her speech garbled by her growing wolf's snout. "You never did."


Mirrorshards said...

it's been done before.


defiant_K said...

yah. well.

quisms. just like prisms, only gooier.

Scattercat said...


r2d2y said...
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defiant_K said...

it was my word veri! (verification) It's a bad habit of mine to type my word veri on the post...especially when it's funny.


oh, wait, i typed it wrong... colainte!!

you know, these used to be really hard...

Scattercat said...

Ah, I see.

I don't get word verification while I'm logged in. :-)