Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tales of the Blight II

"Look at these," Lieutenant Smythe ran a gloved hand over the objects in the tray, shimmering beneath a slick red coating. "Implants. Grafts. Replacements. Metal, plastic, vat-grown, gene-tech, artificial." He picked up a disc with three silvery cords. They ended in ragged strands where they had been torn loose.

"And the drugs, the holos, the crystals… We've taken it all away, and what is left?" Smythe regarded his audience, who made a bubbling sound.

"Nothing," Smythe hissed. "You're not even human anymore." He dropped the implant with a clatter, tugging off his gloves. "Disgusting."

He left, shutting off the lights.


Gryffon the Undying said...

Nice touch. So is this what they were trying to escape last time?

Scattercat said...

Possibly; right now these are just unconnected fragments from the upcoming Sooper Sekrit Writing Project, which will hopefully come to fruition in like six months. It's all one universe, which is an unusual degree of continuity for this blog, but not necessarily connected in a strict narrative sense.