Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Great Fall

“Mother G, look at this mess.”

“I think we messed up big-time, Carl.”

“Shut up! Look, we can fix this. Hand me that big piece over there. We’ll start from the bottom.”

“Gross! I’m not touching that!”

“Dammit, Kenny, I’ll report you myself!”

You pushed him.”

“It was your idea!”

“How was I supposed to know? He was always on about how hard-boiled he was!”

“All right, all right. We’ll come up with something else. We’ll just say… he fell. Right? Sitting on the wall, that round rear of his… They’ll buy that, right?”

“They’d better. Here come the horses.”


r2d2y said...

rite so....mind if i post a short story of mine? I'd be very thankful if u could edit it 4 me...

Scattercat said...

Tell you what: why don't you just shoot it to my e-mail? Easier to deal with than the comment form (which is giving me all sorts of Hell right now for some reason.)

I don't mind editing. In fact, I'm usually glad to help, because if there's one thing I really enjoy, it's being pedantic.

Link's in the ol' profile.

r2d2y said...

did u get it?