Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Fall of the Tyrant

Ysendor the Immortal lay dying on the floor.

“Now I shall drink your Elixir,” proclaimed Trystero, “and build a new kingdom of freedom! Never again will we suffer tyrants!”

With his final breath, Ysendor laughed.

Year 17
“Oh, it’s Liberation Festival again? Seems only yesterday…”

Year 58
“Don’t bother me with trifles, Sameo... Sibbeo…. What is your name?”

Year 212
“Sapiro! Where are-? What, dead? For how long?”

Year 483
“Oops, there’s another gladiator gone. Carry on! Spilt milk and so on.”

Year 501
“Fall, Trystero! Father, you are avenged! I shall drink the Elixir and forge a new kingdom…”


lorenhops said...

Hello fellow blogger. This is the first story I've read. It was amusing so I gave it a cool ranking. How do you go about setting up those reactions thingies on a blog? Cheers.

lorenhops said...

Oh, I mean first story of yours that I've read.

Scattercat said...

It's in the Layout tab. Just edit the 'Blog Posts' object and there should be a checkbox for "Reactions." Turn it on and then edit the listed reactions. Easy-peasy pudding and pie.

What, you thought I had some sort of uber-l33t skills? :-) I just click on the buttons...

Also, ZOMG SOMEONE (I don't know personally) READ THIS BLOG. I am frankly astounded.