Saturday, November 15, 2008


The car whispered against the road. This far out, the only part of the road that was visible was the small segment the headlights touched.

In the distance, another car’s headlights shone briefly, and then were gone.

“It’s kind of spooky,” Shannon said, lifting her feet and tucking them under her.

“What is?” Dan was concentrating on driving.

“It’s like there’s nothing but the headlights, and everything else is just inky and dark. Like we’re on a little island over a void.”

“You’re being dramatic,” said Dan. “Look.” He flicked off the lights.

The car lurched and began to fall…


Mark said...

Welcome to the wild world of syndicated blogging! Only thing I'd do if I were you - check out Creative Commons and get yourself a Creative Commons license. That way, you have legal recourse if someone tries to steal your stuff, but you won't loose your copyright by letting your stuff be, you know, on the internet, and therefore copied and emailed all over the place. Check out their web site (just Google Creative Commons). They make it very easy to find the license that's best for you. You can use the "html box" option to post the license link to the bottom of every page of your blog (scroll down on mine and you'll see it, lower left corner).

Scattercat said...

Well, it's worth noting that all the stuff I put on here is, to my mind, the "not for publication" stuff, since publishing it myself negates first-electronic rights and makes it mostly worthless to your average e-zine and whatnot.

Still, better safe than sorry, I suppose. I have hereby marked my territory! (With a "free to use with attribution," because frankly you can never have too much free publicity.)